Sunday, November 4, 2012


been a bit, here's some info:

25D 003 - everyone asked about you 'let's be enemies' lp. caught wind from the band that the art is supposed to be completed by the end of this weekend -- when this happens, i'll being going straight to the printers and this baby will finally be out. 300 copies pressed, all on colored vinyl -- there was a pre-order edition that included a DVD that is already sold out, but standard copies will be available very soon through the 25 DIAMONDS store as well as through various distributors to be named soon.

25D 004 - golden torso 4 song 7". this one is all set to go for the most part - just waiting for the inserts and download codes to show up in the mail, which should be any day now? 300 copies pressed - 250 on colored vinyl, 25 copies on black vinyl with alternate covers exclusively for mail order, and another 25 copies on black that the band sold out of during the tesco fest. copies will be available through the store and various distributors soon.

25D 005 - optional body 2 song 7". so excited this one is finally happening! currently at the plant, and expecting test pressings in the next few weeks. here's some shit i wrote about it elsewhere:

25D 005 - Optional Body 2 Song 7". Optional Body is made up of Sonny Kay (Year Future, The VSS, Angel Hair, etc.), Rockey Crane (Year Future, Dead And Gone, Some Girls, etc.), Russell White (Camera Obscura, Spacehorse, Champagne Kiss, etc.) and Alan Rosetti (Vietnam, The Icarus Line, etc.). Pressed in an edition of 300 copies, with 250 on colored vinyl and 50 on black vinyl for band and mail order only. Expected release date is January 2013.

half of the record can be heard now on our soundcloud page: 

that's all for now - more soon when more approaches.

ian / 25D

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